Shower Head

A shower head is a device that is attached to the end of a water source in a shower and releases the water in a pattern of drops or streams to shower or bathe.

It controls the spray of water and often has the option to adjust for different spray types and intensities.

It can be fixed to the wall or flexible, attached to a hose that allows for manual movement and positioning.

Some shower heads also have built-in filters to remove impurities from the water or jet features for a massage-like effect.

To ensure that your shower is as relaxing as possible, you must make some choices about the kind of shower head you want to use. You might be surprised at how many options are available.

Showerheads come in all shapes and sizes to match your design and budget requirements. 

Modern showerheads work differently than older showerheads, so there are quite a few advantages to purchasing a new one. A more senior shower head’s interior often was a cavity filled with water, forcing the water through the tiny nozzles, meaning the individual nozzles had very little water pressure.

From hand and overhead showers to complete shower systems, we offer you everything you need to turn your shower into wellness.

A newer shower head has individual channels that feed the nozzles, increasing the ability to deliver water pressure.

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