Shower Hose

A shower hose is generally flexible and sometimes called a flex hose.

They’re manufactured in various materials, including stainless steel and easy-clean PVC shower hoses.

They can be found in various colors, including chrome, typically the most popular option, and gold, black and white.

Replacing your shower hose can add sparkle back to your shower.

Is your shower hose looking tarnished or rusty? Has it spent too long in the shower, or is it just annoyingly tangled all the time?

Well, fear not because here at Plumbworld, we don’t just complete shower systems but the spares and accessories that go with them, so you can replace the bits you need without having to fork out a fortune on another high-quality shower.

Available in various lengths, shower hoses can be made of PVC or metal and reinforced for better kink resistance.

Our shower hoses all feature standard connection sizes and come in white or chrome finishes, so you can pick the one to suit your existing shower best.

While most time researching shower heads is spent on the actual showerhead, that often means that parts like the shower hose and shower holder are overlooked, and doing so can make or break your experience with your new showerhead with a hose set.

are there flexible and tangle free shower hoses 9

Are There Flexible And Tangle-free Shower Hoses?

Discover the possibility of achieving a truly hassle-free showering experience with flexible and tangle-free shower hoses. Say goodbye to frustration and enjoy optimal water flow and enhanced durability. Find the perfect hose for your needs and preferences.
what length options are available for shower hoses 4

What Length Options Are Available For Shower Hoses?

Looking for the perfect shower hose? Discover the diverse length options available and find the ideal fit for your bathroom needs!
can i replace a shower hose without any tools 3

Can I Replace A Shower Hose Without Any Tools?

Learn how to replace a shower hose without any tools! This informational post guides you through the process step-by-step.
are shower hoses compatible with all types of shower heads 5

Are Shower Hoses Compatible With All Types Of Shower Heads?

Discover whether shower hoses are compatible with all types of shower heads. Learn about metal, plastic, and flexible shower hoses, their advantages and disadvantages, and their compatibility with different shower head types. Consider factors like thread size, connection type, and water pressure to ensure a hassle-free installation. Explore compatible combinations such as metal hose with wall-mounted shower head, plastic hose with handheld shower head, and flexible hose with rainfall shower head. Avoid incompatible combinations that may lead to damage or reduced water flow. Understand thread size and type, including the standard G1/2 thread and specialized sizes. Consider connection types like screw-on, push-on, and quick-release. Upgrade your bathing experience with the right combination of shower hose and shower head.
how do i clean and maintain a shower hose 2

How Do I Clean And Maintain A Shower Hose?

Learn how to clean and maintain a shower hose effectively for a squeaky-clean shower experience. Simple tips and tricks to keep it looking and functioning like new.
what is the purpose of a shower hose 4

What Is The Purpose Of A Shower Hose?

Discover the purpose of a shower hose beyond just rinsing off. From reaching difficult spots to watering plants, this versatile tool adds convenience and flexibility to your daily routine. Learn how a shower hose enhances your showering experience and makes daily tasks easier.
klabb stainless steel shower hose 96 inches chrome handheld shower head hose

KLABB stainless steel Shower Hose

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Extension Shower Hose

Get the Perfect Angle: Extension Shower Hose

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