Exult Planet Shower Head Reviews
Exult Planet Shower Head Reviews

Even though there are no well-organized water softener shower heads, that does not mean using soft water when you shower.

The best shower is a refreshing experience that helps your body calm down and prepare for the day or wind it down.

A fit shower is a top gift you can give your hair, skin, and nails if you want them to look charming and make your entire appearance unforgettable. A well-performing showerhead filer is a primary step towards making all this a reality.

The water that comes into our house from different sources contains a lot of impurities that we need to remove to save our health. While most of us may worry about the water we drink and thus purify it, the reality is that the water we shower with is just as vital, hence the need to filter all the impurities in that water.

Heavy metals such as aluminum, lead, and tin are significant causes of skin diseases and hard skin texture. Additionally, you may have been observing that your nails break, and you cannot seem to grow them long enough or keep them looking perfect without one of them snapping from time to time.

If your hair has been losing its natural shade with no logical explanation for why this is happening, the top chances are that your bathing water has some of these heavy metals.

The issue is not entirely the attendance of heavy metals in your water. Other minerals and impurities such as chloramine, chlorine, and cadmium can destroy your skin leading to extreme eczema symptoms or common skin dryness.

The Exult Planet shower head filter is a great handheld shower head that you can use to filter your water and make it fit and clean for daily bathing. This filter includes a vital functionality that will improve the standard of your showers and the beauty of hair, skin, and nails.

Here is a list of the advantages you will experience when showering in an exult planet shower head:

Features Exult Planet Shower Head 

Less soap

This might not seem like much, but showering in soft water can reduce expenses.

Thanks to the reduced mineral content, the soap’s fatty acids will not cling to one another, so you will use less soap, shampoo to wash, and shower gel.

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Excellent hair

The minerals in the water will not just cling to your shower, but they will also adhere to you as well.

As an outcome, your hair looks lifeless and dull after you wash it.

If you use soft water to shower, your hair will look full of life, and its color will be excellent. You might even be capable of managing it more simply.

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Better skin

Soft water and hard water affect the skin differently.

When you wash hard water, your skin tends to dry out fast.

Even right after you wash it, the skin might feel sticky. In rare cases, using hard water to clean can cause rashes or even eczema outbursts.

On the other hand, soft waters will perform an excellent job of hydrating your skin. Not just will your skin look perfect, but it will also feel better.

The natural oils on your skin will make it somewhat shiny and provide a fitted look.

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Using the showerhead

Exult Planet designed this shower with three modes to permit a therapeutic session that fits your requirements. You can switch between jetting, rainfall, and massage modes by moving the key on the showerhead to the right or left.

The high-force showerhead specs a different build that boosts your water force by two hundred percent, no matter which shower mode you use.

Additionally, it is water-conserving and keeps you up to forty percent on water bills annually.

With this showerhead, the distance of a one-water jet is an excellent 100cm. The high force of the shower keeps water usage to the lowest 1.3 GPM, which keeps you up to 10,000 gallons a year.

Additionally, the high-force spec makes this a perfect showerhead for washing your pets, even when you have a little hose linking the showerhead to the water supply.

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Filtration performance

The Exult Planet showerhead filter uses an elaborate 3 stage filter made possible using filtration beads picked from high-standard naturally happening rocks packed with minerals to cleanse your bathing water.

In the primary stage of the water filtration process, the water from your critical supply will come in contact with alkaline tourmaline beads.

This is an introductory level in filtration where the heavy metals in your water are removed to begin the purification process. Some heavy metals that alkaline tourmaline beads extract in this stage contain tin, mercury, aluminum, and lead.

While still in the primary stage, your water will also lose other elements, such as chloramines, cadmium, ammonia, and chlorine. When they gather with the heavy metals that also get expelled in the same stage, these elements destroy your skin.

They are liable for the clogging of pores on the topmost skin layer. Once clogged, other problems follow, such as enema, skin breakouts, and high dryness. Such issues can escalate any previous skin issues that already exist.

Once the heavy minerals and metals are out, it is time for the water to proceed to the far-infrared ceramic balls in the showerhead filter. In the next level of the filtration system, this simple process targets decreasing impurities and softening the water.

Softening the water is very important in helping you save on how much shampoo, soap, and shower gel you use. Soft water lathers and thus permit you to use a tiny amount of your solid or liquid shower agent.

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Build standard

The showerhead specs a net chrome polish that makes it shiny and a remarkable addition to the interior decoration of any bathroom. The polish is liable for the rust and peel-proof standard of the gadget.

Users were also highly appreciative of the finger-proof nature of the showerhead. Matched to other products on the market, you will not encounter unattractive fingerprints each time you hold your handheld showerhead filter.

Aside from the durability and beauty of the showerhead filter, its work buttons provide similar efficiency. Its shower mode and stop keys are mechanical, meaning you can use them for an extended period without any crashes.

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Exult Planet made this showerhead to spec a recyclable filtration system. This eco-friendly aspect of the showerhead filter permits you to keep on money that would otherwise be used to purchase replacement filtration systems.

Although the filtration system is recyclable, it is value noting that the beads are not, and you will need to change them after 10,000 to 12,000 gallons of water have passed via it. That is equivalent to 6 months of use of the filter beads.

To change them, pull out the filtration net at the showerhead bottom, pour out the chill beads, rinse the showerhead filter, include the new beads, and return the net. You will get another half a year’s value of outstanding water filtration.

Exult Planet provides a one-year warranty on each purchase of its item. Customers unhappy with the delivered item attest to receiving a hundred percent refund per the producers’ money-back guarantee policy.

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Shower Head Filter: Best Shower Head Filters 2023

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Wrap up

As you can view, the water softener shower head you bought was not the real deal.

Even if the showerhead seemed to work for a while, it could not be functional in the long run because it cannot recharge its resin beads or flush the magnesium calcium into a different drain.

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Q: What is the Exult Planet Shower Head?

A: The Exult Planet Shower Head is a particular type of shower head that provides a unique shower experience designed to improve water quality and stimulate hair growth.

Q: What is the Exult Planet Shower Head made of?

A: The Exult Planet Shower Head is made of high-quality materials designed to last long. It is made of metal and plastic, ensuring durability while guaranteeing exceptional performance.

Q: What is the eco lux ultimate pack?

A: The Ecolux ultimate pack is a premium package Exult Planet offers for their Ecolux showerhead model. The package includes a shower filter that softens the water and an aerator that helps to double water pressure while using less water.

Q: What filtering system is used by the Exult Planet Shower Head?

A: Exult Planet Shower Head has a filtering system that ensures the water used in the shower is clean. The filter removes impurities and other harmful chemicals from the water, leaving it clean and safe.

Q: How does the Exult Planet Shower Head improve water quality?

A: The Exult Planet Shower Head has a particular water-filtering system that removes impurities and softens the water. This makes the water very comfortable for the skin and hair and ensures users enjoy a more refreshing, relaxing shower experience.

Q: What are the benefits of using the Exult Planet Shower Head?

A: The Exult Planet Shower Head has many benefits. It helps to improve the water’s quality, soften it, stimulate hair growth, and reduce skin irritation. It also improves the shower pressure and saves water, making it an economical and eco-friendly option for showering.

Q: Does the Exult Planet Shower Head work with electric showers?

A: Yes, the Exult Planet Shower Head works with electric showers and is very easy to install. You can easily attach the shower head to your regular shower head or replace it entirely.

Q: How does the Exult Planet Shower Head stimulate hair growth?

A: The Exult Planet Shower Head has a unique filter that removes all impurities from the water, making it pure and ideal for stimulating hair growth. Pure and clean water helps to open up the pores on the scalp, promoting hair growth and making the hair more robust and resilient.

Q: Can the Exult Planet Shower Head filter be replaced?

A: Yes, the Exult Planet Shower Head filter can be replaced. The replacement filter is easy to install and can be purchased separately.

Q: Are Exult Planet Shower Heads worth the investment?

A: Yes, Exult Planet Shower Heads are worth the investment as they offer many benefits.

They improve the water’s quality, soften it, reduce skin irritation, stimulate hair growth, and save water, making them an excellent and economic investment for anyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing, refreshing, and healthy shower experience.

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