Delmei SD3011 Shower Head
Delmei SD3011 Shower Head

This 1.5 GPM adjustable showerhead spray delivers a board, focused or rain-like spray, nine jet turbo massaging spray.

It is self-cleaning, and the non-aerated spray means less temperature loss between you and the showerhead.

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Featurs Delmei Shower Head

The flow will continue regardless of the water force.

This showerhead has a high-impact ABS thermoplastic body with a chrome finish and a chrome-plated brass collar.

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This showerhead has three great spray patterns for you to pick from.

Turbine spray, full spray, and mixture spray permit you to customize your showering experience to match your needs. You can completely adjust the angle of the spray.

Consequently, you can match your height under the place you are standing in. with no issue with the shower spray patterns you can pick. This showerhead will forever revert to the introductory 1.5 GPM flow rates when you turn off the shower.

This means that every time somebody less the shower, the default setting will be the lowest possible flow rate, keeping possible water.

Despite the water savings you will make, you will not view any difference in the showerhead’s performance compared to one that does not have a restrictor valve.

The water is dispersed evenly over your body, making an invigorating flow to refresh and rejuvenate your body.

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Handheld Shower Set

American standard is one of the top famous brands in the country, and you can be sure that when you purchase this showerhead, you are buying one of the maximum possible low-flow showerheads that you can buy today.

Now, you will be capable of keeping money on your heating and water bills, and you are not limited to just a handful of choices either.

You can buy luxury showerheads with low flow, or you can find money-keeping budget low-flow showerheads.

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