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Bathrooms: The Evolution of Design

Is there anything nuttier than a 1980’s bathroom?
Well, we guess that depends on how much you like an avocado green suite!

The 1980s were an odd time for design and certainly for bathrooms, not much existed in terms of interior design. Up and down the UK it seems DIYers and bathroom renovators were largely winging it, or at least loosely following art-deco themes.

It would be almost unimaginable to declare to your friends and family today that you'd decided to have green or pink fixtures in your bathroom, right Although, you know what they say, trends do come back around.

Now, the British public have had a steady diet of renovation education programming, from iconic Nick Knowles’ DIY SOS to Grand designs. The people of the UK including yourself, dear reader, are more discerning and are practically experts themselves in design, what with all the material so readily available to us all nowadays.

Bathrooms today!

A bathroom should feel fresh, clean and relaxing. Ideally, it'll be a sanctuary in your own home to escape to, with this reflected in its design. Take for example our Manhattan range which incorporates all of these design elements to create a space that feels harmonious and luxurious. Just because it’s no longer 1980, we don’t need to do away with colour, the dark matt blue here contrasts beautifully with the white ceramics. Likewise, the bold straight lines cut through the space and make it feel elegant and

Not Just Modern Design

2020s bathroom styling isn’t just about new-age design, it often encapsulates the best of other eras, borrowing a little from here and a smidgen from there.

The traditional design is extremely popular, with the majority of us coveting a quintessentially British, Victorian bath. When paired with elegant and minimal modern pieces, those traditional elements are complemented, offering a functional and practical bathroom for life today with a twist of opulence.
The Senna suite below mixes sculpted slimline edges with traditional fixtures, ideal to pair with standout items like our Richmond freestanding bath with chrome lions-paw feet to create a contemporary-traditional hybrid look.

If you're brave enough to go all out and prefer the fully-blown traditionalist look, you would love our Sherbourne range. It's the very best blend of old and new! Fixtures like our showstopper high-level WC, beautifully moulded full pedestal basin and enamel feature crosshead pillar taps create a timeless classical feel. Finish it off with a chandelier and the Tiverton bath below and you've a wow-factor bathroom on your hands that'll have all your visitors gushing!

Finally, we have another style of bathroom which adheres strictly to design principles: industrial design. Industrial design is all about functionality and unobtrusiveness. These bathrooms are often modelled around what already exists and focus on accentuating those features. Have a look at our Cedarwood range below, beautifully designed curved edges clash with the straight edge industrial feel of steel beams, exposed brick and slimline glass. The impact is a warm, but striking masculine design with ageless properties!


We’ve come a long way in bathroom design since the slightly garish ’80s, with us now being spoint for choice with multiple design options and avenues to explore. You can plump for traditional, modern, a marriage of the two or even industrial - the possibilities are endless, so go wild!



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