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3 Perspectives to Consider - When Designing Your Perfect Bathroom

Your bathroom says a great deal about your home and is one of the main places that guests love to nose about when they visit. But how do you design the perfect bathroom? We have created a small guide looking at 3 perspectives to consider when designing your ideal bathroom.

Style Choices

Design is one of the most important considerations when choosing your beautiful new bathroom. You should think about how it will fit with the rest of your home. Will it be in keeping with your current interior? The first choice is between modern or traditional.

If your home is already quite traditional, you might want to consider a Victorian style bathroom, epitomising elegance. These bathrooms work extremely well in older houses with more character. You can almost imagine relaxing in a warm bubble bath on an easy Sunday morning, reading a good book in your timelessly designed bathroom. If your home is more modern, there are a plethora of design options available.

If your home is more modern, there are a plethora of design options available. At hellobathrooms, sleek & minimalist design is at the core of what we do.

Minimalist bathroom design has been on trend now for some time, with good reason, clean lines and a reduced colour palette creates such a relaxing space in your home. If you're after a contemporary look, our Valesso fitted furniture range in dark Onyx Grey Gloss will create a clean and welcoming vibe.


Cost is an extremely important factor for most of us. Our objective is to offer an outstanding choice of bathrooms at an excellent price point, we don’t believe that stunning bathrooms should be restricted by cost. For the thrifty consumer, we suggest mixing a shower and bath. Investing in a shower bath combo gives you both the functionality of a shower and the relaxing benefits of a bath. You'll be safe in the knowledge that this investment will pay rewards with regards to upping your home’s value, as most families would like both options. For other smart cost-conscious choices, consider a combined basin & WC unit. Our Venosa range in Anthracite Gloss below, mixed with a stunning white keyhole shower bath allows you to see how you can get the most out of your budget.

Space Saver
The other important thing to consider is space. Making the most of your space is essential to maximising value from your home. For many of us, we might also be designing the 2nd or even 3rd bathroom in our home and it just isn’t necessary or prudent to add more baths! If you are looking for a stunning, sleek design in your bathroom without overloading the space, we might suggest something like our RefleXion 2 door enclosure. It encapsulates chic minimalism and makes the most of existing space

We can help!
If you need any help designing your perfect bathroom, feel free to give us a call on 0330 133 9757. Or email us at We would be delighted to help you bring your design dreams to life!


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